What is Islam


Islam and Muslims

• Islam (pronounced is-lahm) is the world's second largest religion, with roughly 1.5 billion followers globally. It is the majority religion in countries as diverse as Morocco, Turkey, Pakistan and Indonesia. 
• Islam’s message was preached by the Prophet Muhammad in the 7th century as a continuation of the monotheistic tradition taught by Abraham, Moses, and Jesus. According to Muslim belief, Muhammad was God's last prophet and messenger to humanity.
• A central tenet of the Islamic faith is respect for all religions, based on the belief that humankind universally worships the same God. The word “Allah” is Arabic for God. The word Islam comes from "salaam," which literally means "peace." Islam encourages Muslims to live a life guided by equity, kindness, honesty, charity, reflection, respect and humility.

A Muslim (pronounced muhs-lim) is a person who submits to God and follows the teachings of Islam as found in the Holy Qur’an, which Muslims consider to be the book of divine revelation or "the Word of God."