Staff Sergeant Daniel Isshak

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Staff Sergeant Daniel Isshak was Muslim American with a Russian heritage who spoke fluent Arabic - and had an infectious laugh.
The Army Ranger used to make his comrades laugh with his cartoon-like chuckle which lifted morale even in dark times.
He died on October 3 2006 aged 25 from injuries sustained when his vehicle came under fire in Hawijah, Iraq.
He had been assigned to guard a colonel and was protecting him when he died.
Sergeant Isshak's parents, who lived in Alta Loma, California, had allowed him to join the Army before he turned 18.
In a tribute in a newspaper website, his friend Sergeant First Class Michael McDaniel wrote: 'Dan, you called me a couple of days before you went over there.
'You told me you were scared but you knew you were doing the right thing and you had great buds going with you.
'I understood your fear later, as when I went I had the same apprehension. I told you that you'd be fine and they can't kill or hurt you because you were too much of a bad ass. I was wrong and I'm sorry.'

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