Specialist Azhar Ali

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Azhar Ali left Pakistan for New York at the age of 14 and dreamed of becoming a police officer.
He planned to join the New York Police Department after serving in the National Guard but instead signed up to serve in Iraq.
His father Mubarak Ali, who lives in Pakistan said: 'When I heard he was going to Iraq for America, I was proud.
'He was a very sweet son - very loving, caring'.
Specialist Ali, 27, of New York, was killed on March 2 2005 when an explosive detonated near his vehicle in Baghdad.
He was a member of the 1st Battalion, 69th Regiment and was based in New York.
One of nine children, Specialist Ali joined the military after graduating from high school and patrolled Grand Central Terminal after the 9/11 terrorist attacks
The day he died, he was part of a crew that responded to another roadside bombing and rescued those who were wounded.
After his death his brother, Zulfiqar Ali said: 'He's a hero - not only for my family, the United States, but the whole world.'
Specialist Ali was given an Islamic burial in Queens, New York, and laid to rest at the Washington Memorial Park in Coram, Long Island.

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