About Us

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Br. Sofian Abdelaziz Zakkout, AMANA Director


About American Muslim Association,
AMERICAN MUSLIM., has been working diligently for the community since 1992. Its mission is to bring people together through knowledge and caring. Although the organization started out in small numbers, it has grown tremendously over the years and has been building trust among Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Our main office is in Miami, Florida and we have offices all over the USA as well as.

Puerto Rico. AMERICAN MUSLIM .is run by dedicated workers and volunteers alike, people who love to help others. We as a Muslim organization believe that any good deed is worth doing and this has been our motivation from the start, to aid each other when in need, whether it is small or large, regardless of what people think or say about us. AMERICAN MUSLIM . has been involved in almost all areas of society and services such as: Helping people with counseling and financial support including on a one to one basis, distributing information among U.S. prisons, helping the survivors of Hurricane Katrina (in conjunction with our sister organization, A.M.E.R., http://amerelief.com/), organizing local events to encourage understanding and tolerance, distributing food certificates for the needy, printing various literature free of charge (please see our Pamphlets link above), interacting with the media and local/national leaders, keeping the community updated with important news, and services, and most of all to become the voice of trust, or ‘amana’, for humanity. Please see our Gallery to get a glimpse of what AMERICAN MUSLIM . is all about.

Our guide is the Qur’an (Islam’s Holy Book) and the Sunnah (the way of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him). Islam encourages Da’wah, the propagation of the message of the one God, Allah, and all of His prophets including Adam, Noah, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad (may God’s peace and blessings be among all of them). We believe that it is the teachings of mercy and compassion from all these noble prophets, with the help of God, that can rid the world of injustice and fear. AMERICAN MUSLIM . gains strength from the teachings of kindness in Islam and wants to make a positive impact, by opening the hearts of all people that we can reach out to. With AMERICAN MUSLIM .’s recent radio show, we are expanding our reach even further.We thank everyone for their continued support and pray to God to continue being an integral and helpful part of the community. We are open to suggestions and are always listening to you with the utmost respect. Most of all, we encourage all people, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, to gain advantage of what AMERICAN MUSLIM . has to offer to you.“Acquire Knowledge!” the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) used to tell his followers. “Seeking knowledge is the duty of every Muslim. It will enable you to be your own friend in the desert, it will be your mainstay in solitude, your companion in loneliness, your guide to happiness, your sustainer in misery, your adornment when you are amongst people and your arrow against your enemies. Whoever goes out in search of knowledge is on the path of Allah (God) until returning.”IntroductionAl Da’wah (Out Reach) is the most Honorable work the Muslim can do. AL Da’wah is the work of all Prophets. We believe that Allah (GOD) created us to worship Him as mentioned in His Holy Book the (Qur’an) and we agree by the order of Allah that as Muslims must follow the Qur’an and the Sunnah of His Prophet (SAW) and our mission is strive to clarify the truth about Islam & Muslims.


Our Obligations

Our obligations to the Muslims and to the non-Muslims are the following services
• AL AMANA works closely with the other Islamic organizations nation wide.
• AL AMANA has 70 Stations for distribution of Islamic Literatures.
• AL AMANA Food Certificate.
• AL AMANA conducts and provides Islamic Marriage certificates.
• AL AMANA is a pre-Marriage course provider registered by the state of Florida.
• AL AMANA publishes “The AMANA Voice” magazine, booklets and pamphlets.
• AL AMANA Islamic Web Site “www.al-AMANA.org” to preach Islam nationally, and Internationally.
• AL AMANA provides counseling to victims of Domestic Violence and Child Abuse.
• AL AMANA provides Imams, Teachers, and Speakers.
• AL AMANA Works closely with Imams and the managements of most of the Masajid.
• AL AMANA provides the “AL AMANA Islamic Masajid directory” & “AL AMANA Islamic Business”.
• AL AMANA works with Disabled, Orphan, Deprived children, and Widows Muslims and non- Muslims.
• AMANA established a Masjid in South Florida, “Masjid Shamsuddin” and participated in opening of Masjid Alfayza of Downtown Miami.
• The Director of AMANA is a member in the Florida Advisory Committee to the United States Commission on Civil Rights, USCCR.
• AL AMANA always will stand firm against discrimination in the work place and/or in any situation against Islam and Muslims. (Please report any discrimination or any incident against Muslim or Islam from the Complaints link above)

AL AMANA provides free Qur’an and Islamic books to the Chaplain and prisoners at the correction facilities.